From: Spillane Consulting Associates: Alert – We’re changing to an improved format.

Article By: Ben Giumarra, Spillane Consulting Associates, Inc.

We’ve sent this newsletter out every Wednesday morning at 6:00 am for the past 4 years. It has sparked great questions, helpful feedback, and even new relationships. Also important, it has served as an effective way for me to deliver subtle jabs against SCA colleagues.

Effective today, we’ll be transitioning to an improved format. You will still receive this newsletter every Wednesday, and always at 6:00 am. But we’re going to route it through our website directly, instead of sending everyone a .PDF.

If you don’t see this new e-mail in your inbox now – or if you have any trouble at all viewing it, please let me know right away and we’ll get it fixed.

We hope this new format is better.

  • You can now comment on articles
  • Articles are indexed, and you can search through archives
  • We can now update articles to fix anything (believe it or not, mistakes are made people!)
  • You can see other articles posted by my colleagues

Thank you

We can’t, I can’t, express how much your interest inspires and motivates us to keep improving. Hopefully you’ll find this new format just as convenient to access, and even more helpful to you. Please e-mail or call with any issues whatsoever!

Thank you to Ben Giumarra, Spillane Consulting Associates, Inc., a member of our Education Committee, who with the support of other experts at SCA have put together this newsletter.


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