President’s Message

 President, Benjamin Pettit, Esq.

Our industry has been in a state of ongoing crisis – and crisis unveils truth.  It exposes the substance of relationships, of organizations, of an entire industry.  Crisis challenges integrity on all measures.  It will find and it will exploit all the cracks.  The integrity of this organization and all its members, all of you, has been challenged.

Yet, we are still standing.

We are still standing because our foundation is that strong.  A foundation built by the character and integrity of those who have come before us.

We get to carry that forward.

While the picture of our tomorrow has yet to be painted, we can be sure that it will not be the same as our yesterday.  But this is where we find our opportunity.  We get to shape and reshape our businesses.  We get to author our story.  Within every crisis lies opportunity.

This is ours.

Your RIMBA board is asking itself how it can best support you in these times, with these realities, and in this changing landscape.  We, like you, cannot fall back on what we have always done and believe that it will meet your needs as they are today, and as they will be tomorrow.

Our ultimate charge is to advocate for you.  That has not changed.  But how we do that will, as it must.  The way we connect, the educational opportunities we provide, the advocacy we offer, even the committees we deploy, all must be shaped to your changing needs in our changing industry.

As we move forward into 2024 your RIMBA board is grateful for you and looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Let’s author our great story together.

If you are working in the mortgage industry in Rhode Island it is because the Rhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association has been working for you.