Certified Mortgage Professional (CMP)

RIMBA is pleased to introduce the availability of the designation Certified Mortgage Professional to our valued members.

  • The Real Estate industry has their “REALTORS®”
  • The Accounting industry has their CPA designation
  • The Financial Planning industry has the CFP designation

Now the RI Mortgage industry has their CMP designation. RIMBA has created the Certified Mortgage Professional for mortgage professionals seeking to demonstrate their dedication to and knowledge of their profession. Consumers seek to work with REALTORS® when they are considering buying or selling their home. They work with CPAs for bookkeeping and tax planning. They work with CFPs when developing complex plans for their financial future. It would seem only logical for them to seek out CMPs when they are looking to purchase their home or refinance their mortgage.

Five Key Criteria for the CMP Designation:

  • 1Abides by a strong code of ethics. CMPs agree to a strong code of ethics that create a business environment that is beneficial to the consumer.
  • 2Is service oriented. The CMP candidate must demonstrate their commitment to their profession, their community, and their education in order to obtain and maintain their designation.
  • 3Is relationship-centric. A CMP values their relationship with the consumer and their referral sources.
  • 4Is experienced. CMP candidates must have five years of direct mortgage experience or hold a professional financial service designation from another industry in order to sit for the CMP examination.
  • 5Following the CMP award, the CMP must continue to demonstrate their commitment to education through approved continuing mortgage education classes. CMPs must continue to demonstrate their desire to give back to their profession by working with others in RIMBA to continue the work of the organization as their trade association.

Those who achieve the designation will be featured on our website and will be recognized with the awarding of a Certificate at the Annual Dinner during the year that they attain CMP status. We will be sharing the names of our CMPs with the Rhode Island Realtors Association and the names of all RIMBA CMPs will appear on the RIMBA website. In addition, utilizing the services of our new PR firm, the names of CMPs will be made available to various media outlets.

Download the CMP Application