Legislative Wrapup 2015

2015 Legislative Summary

Representation of our industry before the General Assembly and with the Department of Business Regulation continues to be one of the important efforts undertaken by RIMBA on behalf of its members.  The legislative committee reviewed numerous bills introduced in the 2015 session of the General Assembly, taking a position on 193 bills.  Of those, 2 were strongly supported and both passed; 6 were supported provided that they were amended in a manner that made them acceptable to RIMBA, and of those, 3 passed with acceptable language and 3 did not pass; 6 were opposed and none passed; and 19 were strongly opposed, and of those, 15 did not pass, 2 dealing with identity theft passed with amendments making them more palatable though not completely satisfactory to RIMBA, and 2 dealing with elimination of cesspools were passed without final objection by RIMBA.  Furthermore, RIMBA was instrumental in drafting and encouraging the passage of Chapters 200 and 202 of the Public Laws prohibiting misleading solicitations arising out of the sale of trigger leads.