May 21, 2018

This coming August will mark Equity’s 29th anniversary. Four years ago, as it came time to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we challenged ourselves to complete twenty-five acts of service as way of celebrating. This has continued throughout the years with the acts ranging from volunteering at Amos House, participating in First Book Campaign, The Walking Bus, and any other event or charity we’ve felt passionate about. After all, what better way is there to celebrate nearly thirty years of success in the title business than by giving back to the community that helped get us here?

We’re not just in business for the sake of business. We want to have a transformative effect on our people and the people with whom they come in contact with. We don’t lack for those willing to do the work. In most cases, there’s even a surplus. That’s why instead of pursuing a set number of acts of kindness, everyone at Equity will continually volunteer their time throughout the year. With the only goal being to help better our community and hopefully inspire others to take up the call as well.

Equity Cares, as we now call it, is the culmination of the culture of charity that lives and breathes in our office. While there are many reasons that we’ve not only maintained our level of business but continued to improve and innovate upon it, there’s no denying that the heart of the people is the heart and soul of Equity. Each time we embark on an act of service that they themselves choose, whether they’re foundations we’ve already worked with in the past, or entirely new organizations, we’re forming new relationships in the process.

We share these stories and examples of our coworkers in the hopes that it will show both the normalcy in being hesitant, and hopefully inspire others to give back to their community in some way. There isn’t any other feeling like it in the world. And with Equity Cares, this is only the beginning.

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April 30, 2018

Shamrock Financial is a regional mortgage lender headquartered in Rumford, RI. Shamrock has originated home loans for nearly 30 years and has been led by the same leadership team for two decades. In that time, we’ve seen the housing recessions of 1991, 1997, 2001, 2008 and not only survived, but THRIVED.

At Shamrock Financial, we’re not inspired by mortgage loans, credit scores or interest rates. No way. What fires us up is the idea of building neighborhoods, watching families grow and turning houses into homes. We’re blessed to have a staff that represents the heart of our purpose – Making Mortgages with an INTEREST in People. This also explains why Shamrock has been named one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Shamrock Financial: Delivering the American Dream since 1989. Come dream with us!

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April 23, 2018

Banking the Way You Want.

That’s what Centreville Bank delivers to our retail and business customers every day. Founded in 1828, Centreville Bank is one of Rhode Island’s most stable and well-capitalized community banks, with a growing presence that reaches every corner of Rhode Island and into nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Centreville Bank offers loan products that meet a variety of needs which include:

  • Conventional and Non-Conventional Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • FHA, VA and USDA loans
  • Construction and Rehab loans
  • First Time Home Buyer Products with down payment and closing cost assistance
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

We also offer a variety of specialty lending programs including Affordable Housing Products, Doctor Program, Asset Depletion, No Closing Costs Mortgages, and mortgages with No Mortgage Insurance along with a complete range of personal, business and commercial banking products to meet your needs.

Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance, renovate or build your own home, our bankers will guide you through every step of the process. We’ll work together to provide the right mortgage solution for you, with low closing costs, competitive rates, fast turnaround time, and local loan servicing.

To learn more, contact a member of our Mortgage Lending Team today!

Centreville Bank  |  Online Mortgage Center

Anthony M. Amaral

Mortgage Loan Originator


NMLS# 712093


Celinda M. Joaquin

AVP, Mortgage Loan Originator


NMLS# 472583


Jennifer A. Kosh

AVP, Mortgage Loan Originator


NMLS# 83776


Denise C. Tourangeau

AVP, Mortgage Loan Originator


NMLS# 472579


Member FDIC/ Equal Housing Lender/NMLS# 402947


April 16, 2018

The Law Office of Michael C. Lima is a qualified, reputable law firm located in East Providence, RI. Specializing in real estate, our skilled and accessible lawyers strive to continue building lasting relationships with clients. 

About Our Firm

Founded in 2004, the Law Office of Michael C. Lima has a small-town commitment to service, yet the experience, staff, technology and resources that set us apart.  These qualities make us one of the leading real estate law firms serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

With personalized, hands-on service, you are sure to receive tailored attention that will set us apart from larger firms.  We tend to develop life-long clients who engage us for all of their real estate needs, which is a testament to the service offered by our law office.

Why Choose Lima Law: Communication is Top Priority

Many real estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders develop preferences and avoidances for particular real estate law firms because of the lack of effort on behalf of the firm. Having a transaction fail to close at the fault of the law firm, whether it be for lack of communication or delayed service, will put that company at the bottom of the list. Realistically real estate closing firms are seldom chosen because of their title duties but more for their customer service and outstanding communication with all parties.

At Lima Law, this is where we stand apart from the competition.  We are first and foremost customer focused, and responsive throughout the process.  Our team is there for you from start to finish!

Whether it is your first home, a relocation, the purchase or sale of a vacation home or the refinance of your existing home, we recognize that each transaction is unique and deserves individual attention.  You are not just another client to us, you are so much more. We treat our clients with respect and we give them the time that they deserve.

We pride ourselves on getting the transaction closed proficiently and professionally, by communicating and collaborating with all other parties involved, including realtors, lenders, insurance agents, and home inspectors.

Our Team
Our attorneys are readily available to answer your questions and to help guide you through the process. Experienced paralegals are an important part of our team, providing valuable assistance and skillful coordination throughout all aspects of your transaction.

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April 9, 2018

Pawtucket Credit Union, The smarter way to bank

Providing the smarter way to bank is an endeavor that sets Pawtucket Credit Union apart from other banking institutions. As an organization founded by, and run for the benefit of its members, this philosophy is woven throughout all of our business and civic activities.

With more than $2.13B in assets, we’re large enough to offer an ever-increasing array of products and services designed to meet your needs, yet still small enough to deliver the personalized service you deserve and have come to expect.

Everyone is unique in their own way so why should your mortgage be any different. Our mortgage products, now featuring a No Closing Cost option, range from traditional 30 year fixed rate loans to 100% financing for first time homebuyers, ARMs to jumbos, and accelerated payoff loans to bi-weekly options.   Better yet, our construction loans feature a single closing for both the construction phase and the final term loan, and a rate lock up front.

PCU’s mortgage origination team will come to you.  With local decision-making and servicing, our trained professionals are at your service to answer any and all of your questions. If we don’t have the answer at hand, you can rest assured that a return call is moments away. In addition, we’ve simplified the mortgage application process, enabling faster loan approvals and turnaround times.

Improving the lives of families and individuals in the communities we serve has been a key component of Pawtucket Credit Union’s mission and is the motivation behind all of our community service initiatives. Through the PCU Community Investment Fund, which focuses on housing and economic security, we hope to mitigate some of the stress on our local communities by funding programs that specifically serve vulnerable populations

With fifteen branch locations in Pawtucket, East Providence, North Providence, Smithfield, Cumberland, Cranston, Warwick, East Greenwich and North Kingstown and the PCU Loan Center located in Foxboro, Mass., PCU is never far away.

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March 26, 2018



“The accomplishment we’re most proud of is our consistent ability to earn our customers’ unsolicited rave reviews. Our team takes great pride in making sure every interaction with Birchwood makes our customers’ days easier and less stressful. We help them succeed, and that has helped us succeed.” – Larry Avery, VP of Business Development.

It is this desire to truly be a partner, by providing a level of personal service rarely experienced in the mortgage industry, that has driven Birchwood’s growth over the past 25 plus years. Birchwood’s goal is simple: to provide mortgage professionals the credit, verification, and compliance service they need to make a more timely lending decision. Give our office a call and you’ll be answered by a real, live, cross-trained individual that is fully capable and eager to help you with any question or concern you may have. When was the last time you looked forward to calling an 800 number?

As a partner we are constantly trying to add value to our relationship. From our consumer-facing credit SmartPay ordering portal to tailored all-inclusive pricing, and full suite of secondary products, the team at Birchwood is always leading the way in offering new processes and technologies which increase productivity and maximize cost savings.

For more information, and to be truly delighted, please contact:

Samia DeMarco

Regional Sales Manager

Direct 603-408-8323

Office 800-910-0015

[email protected]

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