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Xactus is the leading verification innovator for the mortgage industry. With over 6,500 clients and eight operations centers across the U.S., we collaborate closely with our clients to digitally integrate a 360° approach to verifications across their workflows.

As a result, lenders can easily access the technology necessary to meet consumer demands for a modern mortgage experience with industry-leading speed, reliability, and accuracy – while also closing more loans more quickly with greater profitability.

Committed to your success

At Xactus, we are strongly committed to your success at every juncture! From groundbreaking solutions to cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, Xactus stands by your side as a catalyst for success. With local presence in Warwick, RI, and West Haven, CT, we’re your steadfast guide in this fast-paced digital world. Innovation is our heartbeat – we’re all in when it comes to conquering client challenges.

Improving Workflows, Creating Efficiencies

Xactus presents an array of verification services designed to guide lenders through the complexities of the modern mortgage market. Let’s dive into two dynamic offerings that can expedite your loan closures:

TaxStatus – A seamless and completely automated solution that’s going to completely replace the need for Form 4506-C.

Xactus has an exclusive partnership with TaxStatus to allow you to collect IRS data on your consumers, delivering a comprehensive analysis of the tax return information, highlighting essential details and flagging any potential inconsistencies – all in real-time. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for manual document retrieval and processing.

Here are a few ways this solution is changing the game for IRS Tax Transcripts:

  • Instant, up-to-date tax information
  • Up to 78 records for individual taxpayers
  • Real-time transcript updates
  • Lender-branded e-signature process
  • GSE Compliant
  • 3% rejection rate

You can even use this solution to perform Identification Verification by prompting the consumer for a picture of their ID and a selfie.

Portfolio Monitoring – With Xactus Portfolio MonitoringX, you’ll be electronically notified about your customers’ credit activities, enabling you to quickly respond to their changing credit needs and retain their business.

Our lenders typically see a 1% hit rate of new mortgage inquiries against client databases each month, and close about 20% of their delivered notifications. If you’re monitoring 20k records, that means you’re potentially closing 40 additional loans a month or more. With a minimum investment and the highest ROI, Portfolio MonitoringX is the most cost-effective and highly sought-after marketing solution available.

As a crucial part of your business strategy, our portfolio monitoring solution can:

  • Help guard your profits and loans
  • Mitigate portfolio run-off
  • Enhance your credit decisioning based on key account data
  • Monitor for delinquencies and cross sell opportunities

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Since 1998, Paul DeCoste has been an integral part of our team, offering unwaveringly professional support to clients in customer acquisition, retention, compliance, and operational efficiency. His vast experience highlights his pivotal role in driving client success and optimizing company operations.

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