Shamrock Home Loans 9.19.23

Shamrock Home Loans celebrated its 34th anniversary recently – all of that time being headquartered here in Rhode Island. During those 3-decades, the Company has confronted and, by its longevity, succeeded in a variety of economic, housing, and regulatory environments. However, “most gratifying”, says CEO/Founder Dean Harrington, “is the loyalty and commitment of our employees.” That includes President-25 years, CFO-23 years, Operations Head-15 years, Chief Underwriter-14 years, and Head of Sales-14 years.

In an era where the industry has attempted to buy employment, particularly Sales talent, this commitment to the Mission of Shamrock – “everyone deserves to live in a home they love” per Harrington, is equally noted throughout its loan officer community, with 5 of the Top 10 having been with the company over 15 years. And its Top Loan Officer – Liz Letourneau – celebrating 25 years at Shamrock this week! “The other 5”, Harrington adds, “is possibly the most exciting part of our story. Shamrock has long shown it is an employer, really an experience, where loan officers choose to stay. It is now, also proving, it is where sales professionals choose to come, as the other 5 have joined us in the last 18 months.”

After exploring national expansion in 2020/2021, Shamrock recognized its core strengths were in the New England market, and redirected its full leadership involvement, product development, marketing concentration, and operational support on “our backyard”. All 5 of those new sales hires were part of that local strategy.

This blend of veteran’s experience, new hire energy, and corporate strategic focus has allowed the Company to significantly outperform the industry during these challenging times when the MBA is forecasting a year-over-year production drop of 26%, while Shamrock is pacing for a 0% drop.