Shamrock Home Loans 8.8.22

National Mortgage News named Shamrock Home Loans the #2 best mortgage company to work for in 2022. Shamrock founder and CEO, Dean Harrington likes to say that all business is ultimately about talent acquisition and talent retention.


“Give me the most talented people available – and even some that WEREN’T available – and we’ll go compete with anyone” is how Harrington likes to phrase it.


In 1997 Shamrock hired its current president, Rod Correia, after a successful career in consumer finance, accounting, wealth management? No, in professional baseball, as a member of the California Angels.


Rod even got to be the OTHER shortstop in this famous game: (15:42 mark).


And earlier this year, Shamrock added another iconic member to its talented leadership team, hiring former Embrace Home Loans president Kurt Noyce to be the company’s Chief Growth Officer. Kurt has been a four-time recipient of MBA’s 100 Most Influential People in Mortgage Banking award and can be reached at [email protected]


“Look, I’m not smart enough or good enough to have taken Shamrock from 1989 to 1995, never mind to 2022. But I have been blessed enough to work each day with so many passionate, talented, servant -minded leaders. And that’s better than any loan product, interest rate, or production level”, Harrington continued.


Dean is a longtime RIMBA board member and past RIMBA president.