Province Mortgage 10.16.23

Province Mortgage Associates Attracting New Talent in 2023

Since the company’s inception inspired by President, David Currie back in 2005, Province Mortgage Associates has grown into one of Rhode Island’s most reputable and successful mortgage lenders. Licensed in RI, MA, CT, NH, and Florida, the Province Team of mortgage advisors has earned over 2,600 5-Star reviews across several platforms, while being voted one of the “Best Places to Work in RI” by the Providence Business News 14 times. Their company mission is about people and an elevated level of service that provides an outstanding experience to their mortgage clients, network partners, as well as their own employees. As a result, Province Mortgage Associates has attracted some of the best mortgage talent in the business.

A culture of family combined with an unprecedented level of peer support has become one of the primary reasons for mortgage professionals making their move to Province. John Shannahan, Ruth Fortune, and Stephen Antonelli all left their former lenders in 2023 to pursue new opportunities with Province Mortgage Associates.  When asked about her experience so far with her new company, Mortgage Advisor, Ruth Fortune highlighted the amazing support and how everyone is accessible when she has questions or needs help. “It’s more of a boutique feel, and I know I can get the support I need to reach the top of my success. This is a company I can grow with.” Sr. Mortgage Advisor, John Shannahan shared, “One of the biggest reasons I made the move to Province was because I was looking for a team willing to hear my voice. I wanted a home where I felt like my input mattered, and it does here.” Stephen Antonelli has been in the mortgage industry since the mid-1980’s and moved to Province because it felt like family. “I love the atmosphere of a smaller company where I can interact directly with my underwriter, loan processor, and even the company President if needed. The end goal is an overall better experience for everyone because of how we communicate with each other on such a high level.”

Beyond their award-winning culture, Province Mortgage Associates has made it a point to support their mortgage professionals with a cutting edge “tech stack” that gives them a significant advantage in today’s market.  Mortgage advisors have more time for clients and network partners because they take advantage of the benefits of automation and A.I. via their CRM and review platforms to deploy high quality, customized marketing. The Province Mortgage Mobile App has also allowed clients the ability to mortgage from anywhere while keeping real estate agents informed throughout the entire transaction. In addition, Realtors® gain access to an additional marketing platform that gives them valuable tools that can boost their presence across their entire market. Finally, the Province Mortgage Associates internal marketing team also creates and delivers high-end sales and marketing seminars to inspire, educate, and support network partners as we all aim to build referral business one extremely satisfied client at a time.