Mortgage Markets CUSO 6.12.24

Mortgage Markets CUSO was formed in 2003 to address a common issue facing many credit unions: sending members to banks for mortgages and jeopardizing their all-important ongoing member relationships.

The Mortgage Markets CUSO mission is to empower our credit union and realtor partners with exceptional mortgage service solutions and advanced capabilities that strengthen their relationships with members.

Currently, Mortgage Markets CUSO is licensed in 11 states and serves Credit Unions of all asset sizes. One of our key partnerships includes Rhode Island Credit Union, one of the most prestigious in Rhode Island.

Here are a few compelling reasons why credit unions have chosen to partner with Mortgage Markets CUSO:

  • Expanded Product Portfolio:Leveraging Mortgage Markets CUSO’s expertise has allowed our partners to diversify and expand their mortgage product portfolio, catering to a broader range of member needs and preferences
  • Enhanced Efficiency:Our streamlined processes and Fintech/AI forward facing technology optimizes mortgage operations, reducing processing times and improving overall efficiency.
  • Expertise and Guidance: Our partners benefit from the knowledge and guidance of Mortgage Markets CUSO’s seasoned professionals, ensuring your credit union stays updated with the latest trends and best practices in the mortgage industry.
  • Member-Centric Approach:Mortgage Markets CUSO’s member-centric philosophy complements our partners’ commitment to providing exceptional service and personalized solutions for their members.

How does Mortgage Markets CUSO differentiate from your current mortgage provider?

  • Our application and landing pages are mobily optimized and Fintech friendly.
  • We provide your members with their own FREEFirst-Time Homebuying app, MMCUSO homejourney.
  • We have implemented state of the art “speed to lead” AI text messaging.
  • We provide you at no charge e-mail marketing campaigns
  • We are nationally recognized as a preferred mortgage CUSO partner of ACUMA.

To learn more about Mortgage Markets CUSO, please visit us at or by e-mailing Michael Ferraro at [email protected]


Michael Ferraro
President, Mortgage Markets CUSO

NMLS #157939  860-716-1590

[email protected]