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As a premier private mortgage insurance provider, MGIC supports lender customers with credit loss protection and helps homebuyers overcome the down payment hurdle.

Our flexible premium plan, Choice Monthly MI, gives borrowers the option to pay a portion of the premium up front or finance it into their loan to help lower their monthly payments.

Choice Monthly MI allows for more customization than traditional premium plans, helping our customers close more loans, save deals and earn more referrals.

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Cindy Dirgins is MGIC’s Senior Account Manger covering Rhode Island, Connecticut, and parts of Massachusetts. She has been with MGIC for the past 22 years. Feel free to reach out to her for more information on Choice Monthly MI or any additional products.


Cindy Dirgins

Senior Account Manager

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

270 E. Kilbourn Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53223

800 523-2633 (office) | 860-874-5334 (mobile) | [email protected]

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