Lima Law 4.5.22

Founded in 2008, the Law Office of Michael C. Lima has a small-town commitment to service, yet the experience, staff, technology and resources that set us apart from our competition.


The Law Office of Michael C. Lima is a reputable law firm located in East Providence, Rhode Island with satellite offices in Providence, Fall River, New Bedford and Newport. Specializing in real estate, our skilled and accessible staff of 20 employees, consisting of lawyers and paralegals, strive to build life-long relationships with our clients. We conduct purchases in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, South Carolina and refinances throughout the country. You will have title back within 3-5 days with the possibility of less than 24 hours if necessary. If there is a title issue, we will have the title cleared faster than our competition guaranteed. We close wherever, whenever and accommodate the schedules of all parties involved in the transaction. Our goal is to keep breaking internal records at the same time as improving our service on a daily basis.


Many realtors, lenders and mortgage brokers develop preferences and avoidances for particular real estate law firms because of the lack of effort on behalf of the client. Having a transaction fail to close at the fault of the law firm, whether it be for lack of communication or delayed service, will put that company at the bottom of the list. Realistically, real estate closing firms are seldom chosen because of their title duties but more for their customer service and outstanding communication with all parties.  At Lima Law, this is where we stand apart from the competition.  We are first and foremost customer focused, and incredibly responsive throughout the process.  Our team is there for you from start to finish!  Whether it is your first home, a relocation, the purchase or sale of a vacation home or the refinance of your existing home, we recognize that each transaction is unique and deserves individual attention.  You are not just another client to us, you are so much more. We treat our clients with respect and we give them the time that they deserve.