Lapointe Insurance 10.12.21

Mortgage and real estate professionals have enough to worry about. Insurance should not be one of them. At Lapointe Insurance, we aim to make your real estate transactions as smooth as possible.

This starts by respecting your time. Quotes, binders, mortgagee updates – we strive to get them done quickly and accurately, so you can move on with your process. By mirroring your closing process, we can get a binder back to you not in days but in hours, sometimes even minutes.

We stay informed so we can keep up with the ever-changing guidelines for mortgage programs. Because nothing can slow down a transaction faster than an overlooked flood insurance requirement. And we’re grateful to the RIMBA for helping us stay on top of these important industry updates.

And like the RIMBA, we strive to share our resources. We pride ourselves on making insurance information engaging and easier to understand. As well, we love to use our nationally recognized social media platforms to inform and spotlight other professionals in this industry.

Last, but not least, we listen. We listen to our partners so we can improve our process. We listen so we can get better at solving your problems. And we’d love to hear how we can make our practice work for you!

To connect with us, please contact Rick Lima or John Lapointe.

Rick Lima
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 401-743-4353

John Lapointe
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 508-642-5558