Homepointe 4.19.21

Founded in 2015, Homepoint has already grown into one of the nation’s leading mortgage originators and servicers because of its rapidly growing team and an omni-channel operating model that has helped the company carve out a niche as a people-focused lender that simplifies the complexities often associated with mortgages.

Full-service wholesale mortgage lender

As a full-service mortgage lender that funds loans in all 50 U.S. states – some of which are under the company’s legal name of Home Point Financial Corporation – Homepoint partners with independent mortgage brokers and correspondents to support customers in making successful homeownership a crucial element of broader financial security and well-being. We’ve made it a point to humanize the mortgage business, looking beyond the transaction and putting people front and center in the homebuying and homeownership experience.

Personalized experience

Homepoint’s people-first mentality extends to our customers as well as our industry partners. We view mortgages as more than individual transactions. Each loan represents a real person or family, just like the it represents the sustainability of the brokerage that partners with us for the funding of the loan. That’s why we retain the servicing of more than 99% of our Homepoint-originated loans – because our mission is to create an ecosystem where the customer remains connected to us, as well as their originating broker, so they can receive more value through a more personalized experience.

Connect with Homepoint

For more information on how Homepoint supports its broker and correspondent partners in creating financially healthy, happy homeowners throughout the country, please check us out at https://www.homepointfinancial.com/businesses