Essent 12.19.22

Essent Guaranty, Inc. is innovating the way forward with intelligent MI pricing that goes beyond traditional credit factors and simple solutions to help lenders close more loans. Our strong capital position and investment-grade ratings also underscore the depth of our claims-paying resources and ability to deliver on our value proposition.

At Essent, we are more than MI. We invite you to take advantage of our tools and resources to help you grow your business, including:

  • EssentEDGE®: Our risk-based pricing engine leverages advanced analytics, proprietary risk metrics and cloud-based machine learning to deliver MI pricing that more accurately reflects a borrower’s credit profile.
  • EssentENGAGE: Get insights and perspectives on a broad range of topics that are shaping our industry. From in-depth research to thought leadership webcasts, we offer resources to help you navigate your footprint in a highly competitive market.
  • Essentials Training: Stay on top of your professional game with our live webinars and self-paced learning modules. We also offer income and collateral analysis tools to make your job easier. It’s all free!

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