Equity National Title 8.21.17

August 21, 2017

At Equity National Title, we’ve prided ourselves on nearly twenty-eight years of quality customer service and support to lenders, homeowners, and realtors alike. We leverage our title and settlement experience to help guide our clients from start to finish through the entirety of the process.

Our job is more than making closings happen. We’re not just in business for the sake of business. There’s a culture of charity that lives and breathes in our office. With Equity Cares, everyone at Equity continually volunteers their time throughout the year at foundations either already in a relationship with our company, or with entirely new organizations of their choosing, forming another relationship in the process. All this is done with the only goal being to help better our community and hopefully inspire others to take up the call as well. We want to have a transformative effect on our people and the people with whom they come in contact with.

Along that line, customer feedback is an essential piece of who we are and has continued to shape the way that we handle our work, allowing us to customize our products and processes to ensure everything goes smoothly for everyone at the table. If the homebuyer is satisfied, it reflects well on every stakeholder as well.

We show up for work every day believing that if we do right by people, we will be successful. Our partners will continue to grow and flourish. Join us in our mission to make the home buying experience an incredible one.

Olivia Byron hired as Staff Attorney

With a B.A. from Rhode Island College, accompanied by a J.D. from Roger Williams School of Law, Olivia Came to Equity with ten years’ worth of knowledge, experience, and confidence in her field. Olivia first found work as an independent contractor during the refinancing boom, learning the ins and outs – and everything else –while studying for her Bar Exam. She then took her degree to a title company that operated under a similar business model as Equity. The breadcrumbs were already set. Olivia is detail-oriented and can keep a level head. This allows her to sort through the myriad of both paperwork and emotions that transactions involving titles and closings tend to bring out. To Olivia, a job well done is a closing that goes off without a hitch.

When not at work, Olivia enjoys spending time with her family and living up to her self-proscribed title as a shopaholic, ever-chasing the blissful calm of the “complete order” button.

For more information, please contact:

Seth Mintz, VP Business Development

Phone: 401-474-8440
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