Credit Plus 11.9.20

Achieve Greater Efficiency and Close More Loans with Credit Plus

Credit Plus is a leading third-party verifications provider for every stage in the mortgage process – from pre-application to post closing. We offer the intelligent insights mortgage professionals need to make more informed lending decisions, mitigate risk and build their businesses. And, our clients are supported by an unparalleled customer service team that always has their best interests in mind.

The company’s information services line is more than 160 products strong, and includes credit reports, scoring tools, Tax Return Verifications, fraud prevention tools, Undisclosed Debt Verifications, flood reports, appraisals, and more. Its expertise in the mortgage industry enables it to quickly assess current and future needs and provide new solutions for a rapidly changing environment.

What’s more, you can consolidate all your verification needs with the Credit Plus Collection, a comprehensive suite of products and services that will enable you to vet and use just one vendor, saving you valuable time and money. When you manage just one verifications provider, the need for multiple contracts is eliminated. In addition, all aspects of the loan process flow much easier and you will realize greater efficiencies, so you can focus on what you do best – closing more loans. Click here for more information about Credit Plus.

The Rhode Island area is served by Credit Plus Regional Account Executive, Stephanie Mastrianni. Stephanie joined Credit Plus in 2014 and has been providing mortgage lending solutions throughout New England for 35+ years. She prides herself on building not only a business but a personal relationship with all of her clients. Stephanie constantly reaches out to be sure solutions are working well and providing the benefits that were promised and suggest any additional services that would create even greater efficiencies for her lender customers.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of Stephanie’s clients had to say about her:

“She KNOWS her stuff, and what she does not know she is able to

track down the get the answer in a timely fashion. She is always

available to help, and jumps in on those rare occasions when we

need something corrected or elevated.”

To begin working with the leader in the mortgage industry and/or consolidate your verification services with Credit Plus, contact Stephanie today.

Mobile: 781-799-2964

Email: [email protected]

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