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Compass IT Compliance, LLC is an IT Security, Audit, and Compliance Firm headquartered in North Providence, RI. Compass works with organizations of all sizes in a variety of vertical markets to help them secure the sensitive data that they possess, comply with the various federal, state, and industry regulations required to conduct business, and save time, money, and resources in the process. All of our IT Auditors and IT Security Professionals carry industry leading certifications (CISA, CISSP, PCI-QSA) as well as an average of 10 years of IT Auditing and Risk Assessment experience.

We are passionate about providing our clients with the highest level of service possible to ensure they are satisfied with our services while mitigating their risk of a breach. As evidence of this, Compass IT Compliance has been named as one of the Best Places to Work in Rhode Island for the past 2 years as well as being named one of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in the Country according to Inc. Magazine.

Our goal is to not only assist our clients in mitigating their overall risk of a breach but to educate them on the changing cybersecurity threat landscape and keeping them informed of changes to the various federal, state, and industry regulations they must comply with. To accomplish these, our team of IT Audit and Security professionals speak at conferences and tradeshows across the country on these critical topics. In addition, we host a free, monthly webinar series on the latest trends in Information Security and Cybersecurity, so organizations can prepare and mitigate their risk of a breach. Finally, on October 25, 2018 we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Cybersecurity Symposium where we will bring thought leaders from across the country from various backgrounds to share their experiences, the trends they see developing related to cybersecurity, and tips on how to mitigate your overall risk of a breach.

If you have any questions related to IT Regulatory Compliance or Cybersecurity, give us a call as we would love to chat with you about your specific situation and needs.

Compass IT Compliance

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