CATIC 5.15.17

May 15, 2017 

For more than 50 years, CATIC has protected the interests of individuals and entities who purchase and finance real estate. As New England’s largest domestic title insurance underwriter, our staff and the more than 2,000 agents who issue our policies are experts in the nuances of the region’s lending and real estate closing practices. It is this expertise, coupled with our financial strength and superior claims-paying ratings, that over 1,800 national, regional and local lenders have come to depend upon us when financing New England real estate.

In addition, we are an active participant in our industry and community, CATIC is involved with and supports a variety of associations and charitable causes throughout New England.

CATICTrac provides nationwide title clearing services. Available on commercial and residential property, we can track and obtain any document need to clear or perfect a lien. From discharges and releases to assignments and POAs our service can be retained to manage a single issue or large scale portfolio projects.

For more information please contact:
CATIC : (860) 513-3140
CATICTrac: (800) 842-2216 ext. 3105