Birchwood 3.26.18


March 26, 2018

“The accomplishment we’re most proud of is our consistent ability to earn our customers’ unsolicited rave reviews. Our team takes great pride in making sure every interaction with Birchwood makes our customers’ days easier and less stressful. We help them succeed, and that has helped us succeed.” – Larry Avery, VP of Business Development.

It is this desire to truly be a partner, by providing a level of personal service rarely experienced in the mortgage industry, that has driven Birchwood’s growth over the past 25 plus years. Birchwood’s goal is simple: to provide mortgage professionals the credit, verification, and compliance service they need to make a more timely lending decision. Give our office a call and you’ll be answered by a real, live, cross-trained individual that is fully capable and eager to help you with any question or concern you may have. When was the last time you looked forward to calling an 800 number?

As a partner we are constantly trying to add value to our relationship. From our consumer-facing credit SmartPay ordering portal to tailored all-inclusive pricing, and full suite of secondary products, the team at Birchwood is always leading the way in offering new processes and technologies which increase productivity and maximize cost savings.

For more information, and to be truly delighted, please contact:

Samia DeMarco

Regional Sales Manager

Direct 603-408-8323

Office 800-910-0015

[email protected]

Or visit our website!