Avantus 6.1.21

Avantus, recently rebranded as UniversalCIS, is a national Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) in business for over 75 years with operation centers located locally in Warwick, RI & West Haven, CT. In the past eight months, we have completed three separate mergers and acquisitions to make us the 4th largest and fastest-growing CRA in the country. We are focused on becoming the preeminent partner to brokers & lenders, not just in terms of size, but more importantly, in terms of technology, products, and bundled solutions. This combination brings together the highest standards of operations and customer service in the industry and provides greater technology resources and operational depth for our clients.

Technology is a core competency. Our development team created the Avantus system, and it continues to evolve to meet ever-changing market conditions. This ability to provide custom enhancements based on a customer’s specific needs allows UniversalCIS to provide a service level and flexibility that other reporting companies cannot match.

Aside from our credit reports, we offer products and services to assist our clients through the entire loan life cycle, from origination through closing and servicing.  UniversalCIS provides a complete line of ancillary lending products and services such as Automated Decision Engines, Credit Score Improvement Tools, Mortgage Fraud Reports, Verification Services, and a free automated online application pre-qualification product called “QualifymeNow  (QMN).” QMN is a soft-inquiry credit report initiated by the consumer with your specific lending criteria built-in. QMN instantly compares the consumer’s credit data with your own decisioning requirements and returns to them your pre-qualified loan offerings.

To further expand our product offering, we announced our most recent acquisition of mortgage technology provider SharperLending in January 2021.  SharperLending provides a product extension into software solutions for the residential and commercial appraisal markets through Appraisal Firewall. Appraisal Firewall is a complete end-to-end appraisal management software that allows lenders to manage their appraisal ordering process internally.

While expansion and technology are important factors in our industry, the front-line service staff at UniversalCIS is frequently mentioned as the most knowledgeable in the industry by originators with experience using multiple credit vendors. This is the direct result of our focus on retaining experienced employees. The average customer service or technical support staff member at UniversalCIS has over 20 years of experience in the industry, dealing directly with credit reporting issues, tradeline updates, verifications, and credit scoring. These experienced professionals have often been the difference between closing a difficult loan and losing one.

Since 1998 Paul DeCoste has overseen our Warwick, RI operation center.  Paul is committed to providing a professional consultative approach focused on assisting clients with new customer acquisition and retention, compliance issues, and overall increased operational efficiencies

Whether you are a small or large organization, local or national, we at UniversalCIS can assist.  Let us show you how we can help you succeed!

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Paul DeCoste

Regional Sales Director

Office: 800-243-0120 extension 137

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