Avantus 5.22.17

May 22, 2017 

For over 75 years Avantus has been providing customized mortgage credit reports, mortgage settlement services and technology solutions to the nation’s financial community. Our goal remains simple, to provide our partners with the proper tools to grow their business, stay compliant, and close more loans!

Aside from our credit reports Avantus offers complete line of ancillary lending products and services such as Automated Decision Engines, Credit Score Improvement Tools, and Automated Valuation Models.  As well as providing a suite of easy to use compliance tools aimed at protecting your business against fraud.

In addition we offer a new product called “startmyapplication.com” that can eliminate your upfront credit cost and enabled you to generate additional leads with your business partners and Realtors!

While our technology is second to none, we not an “internet only” company. Our teams of customer and technical support personnel, programmers, and sales associates have decades of experience in the lending industry and offer a superior customer support experience; as well as consultative assistance.  Our averaged tenured employee is over 22 years!

Whether you are a small or large organization, local or national we at Avantus can help!

For more information please contact:
Phone: 1-800-243-0120 ext. 137
Website: www.avantus.com