Avantus 5.20.19


Avantus, a Rhode Island based locally owned and operated company has been providing customized mortgage credit reports, mortgage settlement services and technology solutions to the financial community for over 75 years.  In that time we have remained focused on our mission to provide our partners with the proper tools to grow their business, stay compliant, and close more loans!

Aside from our credit reports, Avantus offers a complete line of ancillary lending products and services such as Automated Decision Engines, Credit Score Improvement Tools, Verification Services, and a free automated on-line application service “Startmyapplication.com.”  This must-have tool will empower your borrowers, engage realtors, and power-up your referral partnerships all while allowing you to eliminate your upfront credit costs.

While our technology is second to none, we are not an “internet only” company, we are most proud of our employees. The front-line service staff at Avantus is frequently mentioned as the most knowledgeable in the industry by originators and loan processors.  This is the direct result of our focus on retaining seasoned employees.  The average support staff member at Avantus has well over 20 years’ experience in the industry.  Many times, these tenured professionals have been the difference between closing a difficult loan and losing one.

Whether you are a small or large organization, local or national we at Avantus can assist.  Let us show you how we can help you succeed!

In closing, Avantus is pleased to celebrate over 25+ years as a member of RIMBA.  We were there from the inception of this great Association and continue to believe in, support and promote its values, and initiatives.  Please join us in this effort.

For more information please contact:

Paul DeCoste

Regional Sales Director

Office: 800-243-0120 extension 137

Cell: 508-789-6240

[email protected]

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