Arch MI 6.15.21

Arch MI’s Innovative Solutions Enable Lenders to Customize Payments, Bridge the Appraisal Gap

Industry leader Arch MI delivers advanced mortgage insurance (MI) solutions that leverage the latest technology to lower lender costs, eliminate delays and expand origination opportunities.

Our RateStarSM platform continues to be the leading risk-based MI pricing model while delivering effective solutions to the challenges today’s homebuyers face, including overcoming the appraisal gap in markets with rising home values.

Customizing a Monthly MI for Each Borrower

Our exclusive RateStar BuydownSM tool offers unmatched flexibility to help originators close more loans by making it easy to customize the ideal monthly MI payment for each borrower.

With RateStar providing our most competitive rates, Buydown provides a unique monthly payment your competitors can’t match. Buydown users can quickly consider different combinations of upfront and monthly payments to customize the best solution for each borrower.

It’s the ultimate flexibility for lenders:

  • Buy down the MI using any lender and/or seller credits, as well as borrower funds — no money left on the table.
  • Lower premium payments allow more loans to qualify for GSE loan requirements.*
  • Works with Arch MI’s Standard and EZ Monthly plans, and Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company (AMGC) products.

*For example, Fannie Mae Debt-to-Income ratios and/or Freddie Mac Automated Underwriting System approval.

 Bridging the Appraisal Gap
As bidding battles over the limited supply of homes become more common, the purchase price can often exceed its appraised value. Many borrowers and loan originators believe that a home price above the appraised value equates to the borrower having to pay thousands of additional dollars at closing.

However, Arch MI’s mortgage insurance used with RateStar Buydown can bridge the appraisal gap to reduce — or even eliminate — any need for the borrower to come up with extra cash at closing.

Best of all, with Arch MI, you can count on responsive, award-winning customer service. Our sales and underwriting teams are staffed by experienced professionals who understand your business challenges and are familiar with your market.

Questions? Contact your Arch MI Account Manager for Rhode Island and Connecticut, Lauren Geary, at 203-915-6990 or email [email protected].




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